The ‘We’ Mirror

We are reflections of each other, the good and the bad. As I meet myself with love, I am able to see you in love.

My Interactive We Mirror piece in collaboration with Anya Ayoung Chee embodies the We Mirror pillar as a visual representation of seeing yourself in another. As we completely accept and love ourselves, we are able to see others through that same lens of love.

Fellow humans are encouraged to interact with the piece and create their own experience of the ideas behind We Mirror, love and acceptance of self and of others.

About The Series:

The We Mirror Series creates & documents experiences of people mirroring love to the world and to their fellow human, no matter who they are. They could be a stranger, someone with different beliefs than us, or even ourselves. The concept behind it is that love is our inherent state of being and it flows freely through us. So why not give that love to as many people as we can? More from the We Mirror Series here

The Intention: To show that love can exist and does exist, even in the most unexpected places.

We Mirror Pillar Launch & Screening at Tumblr

I recently launched Part I of the Four Pillars: We Mirror at Tumblr. The event featured a short screening from Artists Mirror, one of the series found within my overarching We Mirror Series. It was such an incredible experience to see the project come to life and to see people actively engage with it in a way that I couldn’t have anticipated. I had the opportunity to collaborate with Photographer Andy Boyle who took featured artist portraits, Artist Anthony Hart who created a human infinity mirror piece, and Artist KISSEY who curated sounds– and they collectively added rich, new dimensions to the project.

Image by Jess ConatserImage by Job Piston


Andy’s portraits were projected on screens throughout the room, filling the space with visual representations of mirroring self love. This collaboration truly captured the beauty and vulnerability that the artists shared throughout our interview and film process.

Image by Andy BoyleImage by Bryan Luna


Anthony’s artwork embodied that the love that we have within us is infinite and once we see that, we are able to reflect it into the world around us. The human shape reaffirmed that when we take the time to truly see ourselves and meet ourselves with love, we can then meet others with love.

Image by Bryan LunaImage by @abstractego


The screening highlighted artists exploring the idea of mirroring love through their art and their life, in general. The diverse set of artists and creative thought leaders showcased that mirroring love takes on many forms and can be done in many ways. Watch the Artists Mirror Compilation here.


Image by Anthony Flores


Featured Artists Jamel Robinson and Jonathan Mannion spoke at the event and emphasized the need to share our self love with the world, and led the group in a collective “I love you.” This exercise reaffirmed the importance of speaking love into action. Hearing the whole room say this in unison reminded me of our power and that we are the solution the world needs.

Image by Bryan LunaImage By Bryan Luna


I’m inspired by all of the collaborators that came together to contribute their talents to We Mirror and make this launch a success. Specifically, Jess Conatser who headed up the strategy and content direction for the launch and does so much more for this initiative.

Image By Alix Kram


Thank you to everyone that took part in the We Mirror launch, whether you were a collaborator, a featured artist, or a guest, you contributed! I’m so excited to be on this journey with all of you in creating a movement of Positive Disruption. We’re just getting started! I love you.


Special thanks to Tumblr, Milk Studios, & Stoli!
Event & Screening Credits: Joy Sela (Creative Direction & Content Direction), Andrew Boyle (Featured Portrait Photography), Anthony Hart (Featured Infinity Mirror Artwork), Kissey (Curated Playlist), Jess Conatser (Strategy & Content Direction), Adam Volerich (Cinematography & Editing), Leland Grossman (Cinematography & Photography), Tim Gibson (Cinematography & Photography), Common Space (Post-Production), Matthew Curry (Sound Mix) | Special Thanks: Milk Studios, Tumblr, Valentine Uhovski