I see you. I see you in love. A projection of self love becomes a transfer of love to others. This is a call to lift. To lift in consciousness and access your inherent state of being. Acceptance of self. Completeness of self. As we completely accept ourselves and others, we align with love consciousness. We align with the reflection of ourselves in the world around us. We Mirror.

About The Series

Like a mirror, our internal state reflects into our external reality. What we feel inside of us, we create outside of us. Therefore, what we see outside of us is also within us.

The We Mirror Series creates & documents experiences of people mirroring love to the world and to their fellow human, no matter who they are. They could be a stranger, someone with different beliefs than us, or even ourselves. The concept behind it is that love is our inherent state of being and it flows freely through us. So why not give that love to as many people as we can?

The Intention: To show that love can exist and does exist, even in the most unexpected places.