The We Mirror Series

The We Mirror Series is here to create and document experiences of people expressing love. What we feel inside of us reflects into our reality, and if we feel love of self, we will send and receive that same love abundantly through the reality that we experience.

In my journey, this all had to start with loving myself and it was hard. No one ever talked about how important that is or what that looked like but I knew that I needed a change. The quality of relationships and experiences that I was attracting weren’t working for me anymore. I knew that this was a reflection of how I felt about myself and I wanted to live and feel differently. I also knew that in order to get there I needed to love myself. So I decided to look in the mirror and say “I Love You”. It was definitely awkward at first and that was when I realized how hard it was for me to say it and mean it. So I just kept on saying it. And saying it. Until one day, I believed it and I could feel the flow of that love throughout my body and see it shining into the physical space surrounding me. Then came We Mirror.

The We Mirror Philosophy:

I see you. I see you in love. A projection of self love becomes a transfer of love to others. This is a call to lift. To lift in consciousness and access your inherent state of being. Acceptance of self. Completeness of self. As we completely accept ourselves and others, we align with love consciousness. We align with the reflection of ourselves in the world around us. We Mirror

About The Series:

Mirroring love to the world and to our fellow human, no matter who they are. They could be a stranger, someone with different beliefs than us, or even our own self. The concept behind it is that love is our inherent state of being and it flows freely through us. So why not give that love to as many people as we can? The Intention: To show that love can exist and does exist, even in the most unexpected places.

Current We Mirror Series:


Artists Mirror: features artists mirroring love through their work and explores what that means to them. There’s something about saying “I love you” to the camera and to yourself, that allows for some beautiful conversations to start. Pictured below: Featured Artist and my close friend, Actor/Filmmaker Tigist Helen Schmidt shining bright. 

The best part of Artists Mirror is the powerful statements and interviews from the featured artists. This is a photo of me and featured Israeli artist, Hadas Nikomarov taken at her exhibit in Jaffa, Israel. She shared insight about being an artist in Israel and the challenges, as well as inspiration that comes with it.

Mirrors in the Streets: documents people in the streets mirroring love to one another. Cities we’ve visited so far include Brooklyn, Miami, and Tel Aviv- where we documented Muslim Arabs & Jewish Israeli’s mirroring love.

The defining moments of shooting Mirrors In The Streets come from the responses we get from people participating. We’ve witnessed many epiphanies, laughs, tears, and hugs after someone says “I Love You” to someone else on the street, regardless of the relationship they have, if they have one at all. 

Experiencing Arab Muslims & Jewish Israelis looking at each other through the eyes of love, and being able to show that love between them through this series has been an honor.

Upcoming We Mirror Series:

Mirrors in the Streets: American Voters: Republicans & Democrats mirroring love to one another on Inauguration Day. 

Artists Mirror: A new edition simply titled “We Mirror”, that extends to feature inspiring founders and creative thought leaders as well as artists.


How are you mirroring love? Answer below in the comments section.

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One thought on “The We Mirror Series

  1. I mirror love to and through my family. My being a mother has been the best expression of the love I feel for myself, my daughters, my husband and anyone that needs a mother’s love.
    This love continues to grow exponentially, regenerating itself and expanding with each experience.
    When I was younger I mirrored love through my singing, song writing and poetry. I would really enjoy revisiting that in the later years of my life.

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