We Mirror Q&A: Tigist Helen Schmidt

Meet Tigist Helen Schmidt, one of the first participants of the We Mirror Series, Artists Mirror.

Tigist is one of those people that gives insight and ideas freely to everyone that crosses her path. She is not only an accomplished artist, actor and filmmaker, but she is also a strong proponent of supporting Ethiopian and Eritrean culture from a global perspective through her initiative, Goursha. Tigist has supported this project since the inception and she was my inspiration for creating Artists Mirror. When I say she was my inspiration, I mean it quite literally– the idea came to me through a black & white image of her that popped into my head and she was mouthing, “I love you!”

 Who are you?

My name is Tigist Helen Schmidt.

What do you do?

I’m an actor, writer, filmmaker and activist. I also enjoy making jewelry for my loved ones.

How are you mirroring love through your work?

Love can be so many things. It can be soft, fierce, loud, quiet, small or big. Sometimes it exposes, sometimes it hides. Love is really the only thing that matters. Love is God. My hope is that my work is always led by love and therefore mirrors love.

How do you share positivity in your art?

I always look for grace. How can my characters extend more grace? I believe that you need the balance of both, truth and grace for great art.

Check out Tigists Artist Mirror Page for more.

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