We Mirror Screening & Talk at Soho House

I had my first talk last month at Ludlow House to introduce Part 1 of The Four Pillars, We Mirror, which is about mirroring love to our fellow human. We talked about finding love within ourselves and maintaining it in the face of challenge to promote and uphold unity. Discussing the challenges of finding and maintaining self love made me want to share more about why I created this initiative and my personal connection to it.

The Four Pillars is an idea. An idea of transformation. It is my interpretation of the transformation we all go through in our own unique way that results in coming to true self and stepping into our power. I’m not claiming to be an expert or authority, I’m simply a human sharing insight from my greatest lessons that were born from my own mistakes and challenging experiences I had to go through to get here. Our greatest strengths blossom from our greatest struggles and I think we become the champions of the knowledge and insight gained from those moments that were hardest for us. This project is here to speak to that and encourage others to see their greatness and be the best version of themselves. This project is here to fan a flame that already exists within all of us.

Thank you to Ashley Owens, Jonathan Mannion & Jamel Robinson for sharing your unique and powerful points of view. 

Thank you to the audience for creating this experience with us. Thank you for being open and having a conversation with us that isn’t always comfortable but is rewarding. Through sharing these ideas with each other, I was reminded that we’re all human. We all have past conditioning we need to unlearn and we all have faced challenging experiences we’ve had to overcome to continue to love ourselves and our fellow human. Thank you for showing up. Thank you for listening, sharing, and being open. I love you.

Images by Tim Gibson


I’m excited to share the conversation, we’ll be releasing the talk audio later this year with the launch of my podcast series.



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