Message This is a Call

Welcome to my initiative to elevate consciousness through Positive Disruption. A discovery of true self through The Four Pillars of Transformation. This is a call to access our inherent self and fully embody it. A call to remember who we already are. Individually and Collectively.

I am here to empower people on their journey of self discovery so we can transform ourselves and the world around us.

The Four Pillars initiative explores transformation of self and society, and is here to activate, encourage and inspire Positive Disruption in our everyday lives, individually and collectively.

The Four Pillars focus on mirroring unconditional love, uncovering our truth, moving forward on our path, and emanating our true self. The four step philosophy allows individuals to interpret a unique meaning towards their personal practice of self discovery. Each pillar represents what we all go through in coming to true self and stepping into our power. 

We are in a constant state of transformation that is dynamic and in flux. So is this project.

Within each of the pillars, I create and document experiences that bring this philosophy to life. You will find ongoing works including video series, interactive installations, and artist collaborations that express and bring to life the transformative theme of the pillar.

The Intention: To share in high frequency thought and ideas, to cut through the darkness in ourselves that is out-pictured in the world around us, and to work together to shift mass cultural trend and the collective consciousness.


We lift in consciousness and access our inherent state of being


We open to being vulnerable and open to being beautiful


We activate our infinite creative potential and inspire others


We invite others to attune to a higher frequency of being