Completeness Of Self

This series is created from higher level awareness with messages derived from my connection to self & spirit. This is here to inspire and empower you to connect with your higher self, so we can transform ourselves and the world around us.

This note deals with self acceptance and grounding into the fullness of who we are. Intention: As I fully accept myself, I come into completeness & expand the power of my presence. Tune in to my Completeness of Self Guided Meditation at the end.



The process of self acceptance and coming into the fullness of who you are isn’t easy and is some of the greatest work we’ll do in our lives.

We may experience opposition and resistance that takes the shape of fear and discomfort but it is here to help us access and sharpen the abilities that we already inherently have. It’s here to help us access the strength and greatness that lies dormant within us, waiting to be unleashed into the world.

Fully embodying who we are is the first step in carrying out our life’s purpose, our soul mission. All we need to do is to awaken.

Awaken to what’s already there waiting for us, our own presence. This is how we begin to connect with our higher selves for guidance that will manifest what we need perfectly in our lives to move forward on our path. All we need to to do is tune in and connect. One way to tune in and connect is to be in the frequency of love–a state of loving energy. It is here that we can access the fullness of self and begin to feel what that actually feels like. Our outward reality is a reflection of our internal state and we are co-creating this collective experience on the planet. If we realize that everything within us reflects outward into existence, then we understand that in order to transform our surrounding environment and circumstance we need to transform our internal environment. We need to transform ourselves. In order to begin this transformation, we simply need to awaken and connect with everything that we already are. Connect with the loving energy, creative force and strength that resides within us.

When we begin to connect with our true self, we will “come up against” feelings of resistance, self judgement and non-acceptance. This is our ego/small self that has been fed energetically as it’s been in the driver’s seat while we have been on auto-mode, living unconsciously. This is completely normal, it’s part of the process and makes it that much more of a rewarding experience as we “overcome” resistance, self judgement and non-acceptance. You can choose to view these things as tools to make you stronger, building the muscle of spiritual intelligence.

“In Jungian psychology, the shadow, Id, or shadow aspect/archetype may refer to an unconscious aspect of the personality which the conscious ego does not identify in itself, or the entirety of the unconscious, i.e., everything of which a person is not fully conscious. In short, the shadow is the dark side.” Everyone has a shadow side and has acted from it and identified with it at some time or another. We have all played the victim and we have all played the perpetrator. We all have past programming to overcome and may have repeated learned behaviors from role models that have gone through similar things. We also have all been subject to past fears, conditioning and trauma that have dictated our actions and responses, instead of acting from a place of total presence where we access our inherent true self.

When we become the observer of our patterns, past stories and conditioning, they no longer hold power over us and our ego/unconscious state is no longer in the driver’s seat.

We become aware and awaken to who we really are. We realize which traits and behaviours we no longer need to identify with. As we realize that our past patterns and programming were rooted in fear and is not really us, we come into a space of love and acceptance. As we come into that space and see that those behaviors do not define us, we are able to see that they don’t define others either. We can see behind them. Beyond the painful or difficult experience and why it was there in the first place. Was this a beautiful lesson of growth? Was this simply a past pattern that we kept repeating due to past trauma, conditioning or family lineage? When we come into this level of awareness, we start to look at past experiences and interpersonal exchanges differently. We realize that people are simply creating and expressing based on their own internal state. It really has nothing to do with us, and underneath it all, we have the same unconscious pain and fears to overcome as we all come into our own self acceptance.

The more you embrace and accept your shadow side, the more you can accept others and the “wrongdoings” that they’ve “done to you.”

Once we accept our shadow side and the state of unconsciousness we’ve created and experienced our life through, that acceptance allows us to start to feel who we truly are and fully embody that being- coming into a completeness of self.


Living in an awakened state and in our completeness gives us access to our divine internal power source where we can access infinite love and abundance.

Being in this space and knowing that we are complete changes how we experience life. The reflection looking back at you becomes brighter. The mirror that you see through shines because all the debris has been cleared away. Your physical reality, relationships and circumstances are all seen with new eyes and you experience them in new ways. You feel empowered by the magnificence and beauty of all that you are. As you realize this is who you really are, you are in a continued cycle of accessing your internal well of love and abundance that is there for you and always has been. This awakened state is the presence in which you can create your life from.

As each individual comes into awareness and the power of their own presence, we become a stronger collective that is aligned with the power we’ve had all along. We become empowered in the trueness of who we are and our ability to engage as a society from that space.

I love you.

Be in the power of your presence:
Accept yourself deeply & fully,
and ground into the fullness of who you are.

Act from the power of your presence:
Commit an empowered act for yourself,
someone in your life, or your community.


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