Artists Mirror We Mirror Series

We asked artists & creative thought leaders to explore what it means to mirror love through their work. We hope you enjoy the following love reflections. Welcome to the We Mirror Series: Artists Mirror.

Featured Artists: Hank Willis Thomas, Zoe Buckman, Jonathan  Mannion, Hebru Brantley, Tigist Selam, Naturel, KISSEY, Chris Leacock, Jamel Robinson, Slick Woods, Jasmine Solano, Ms. Nix, SGLD, JiaJia Fei, Valentine Uhovski, Emily Havens, Lia Chavez, Nick Onken, Richie Shazam, Tania Debono, Katy Diamond Hamer, Patricia Fox, Gideon Jacobs, Ira Chernova, Hadas Nikomarov, Antwaun Sargent, Ashley Owens, MODE

About The Series:

The We Mirror series is about mirroring love to the world and to our fellow human, no matter who they are. They could be a stranger, someone with different beliefs than us, or even our own self. The concept behind it is that love is our inherent state of being and it flows freely through us. So why not give that love to as many people as we can? More about the We Mirror Series here

The Intention: To show that love can exist and does exist, even in the most unexpected places.


Video Credits: Joy Sela (Creative Direction & Content Direction), Jess Conatser (Content Direction), Adam Volerich (Cinematography & Editing), Leland Grossman, Tim Gibson, Common Space (Post-Production), Matthew Curry (Sound Mix) | Special Thanks: Milk Studios, Tumblr, Andrew Boyle, Valentine Uhovski